Hey I'm just wondering, can i use a tool that acts as automation but doesn't control volume but filter? Thanks, My DAW is Logic Pro 9
Most DAWs, Logic included, allow you to automate any and all plugin parameters. Just expand your track view to show additional lanes (there used to be a little plus sign if I remember correctly), choose which plugin parameter you want to automate (the plugin must be active on the track), and then you can either record automation data or just draw it in using the mouse.
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Press 'A' (on the Mac keyboard) to open up the automation view, then where the track says 'Volume', click that button and it will open up the various options to automate - if you want to turn a plugin on/off, you hover over 'Main' and select 'Insert __ bypass' (where ___ is the numerical order of the plug-in in that track's channel strip). If you want to alter anything else in the plug-in, such as the frequency or sweep of a filter, you hover over that plug-in menu instead of 'Main' in the track automation, and select the parameter you want to affect.

The names of the options may be slightly different in Logic Pro 9, though I doubt it, but this is correct for LP8 so I presume they won't have made any significant changes to the workflow for LP9.
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