Hey everyone,

This is a new idea I just came up with. Its for my martin dx-12. I only have the one guitar part on it so far. But the normal set of instruments we play with is 2 guitars, bass and drums. No real vocals yet but really should add some. The lead guitar part would be an electric. I playing style is in the jam bands area, just kinda starting to get some more structure with our songs so we can jam on them instead of making everything up all the time.

Let me know what you think so far. Suggestions? Comments?

Thanks for taking the time.
12 String.gp5
I thought that was great. Add the other parts and it would sound like a great alternative hit. Reminded me a bit of some old 90's acoustic rock-y stuff. Loved the 7/8 parts, they spruced things up a bit to avoid stagnation.

One thing I would definitely leave out is the repeat of the bridge, I feel like once is enough to get the point across, and you can shave some time off the overall length of the song without harming the integrity. Maybe on the first chorus as well, only repeat once, and then the second and final choruses have the full 3 repeats. That would also give you an opportunity for whoever sings it to have a little trick up their sleeve halfway through the song.

Great job man.