Hey guys!

I just finished recording a first draft of a song I started working on! I´ll be glad to hear what you think!
It´s not mixed or mastered yet though! Just first draft as mentioned before and I would be very happy for some critique



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Thanks for the crit.
as i listen:
really great quality on all the instruments
beautiful delay on the guitar
the timing is a little iffy throughout the song, did you record with a metronome?
great progression from soft to loud, i really like it
this is one of the few instrumental songs on here i've seen that i actually really like and think should stay instrumental
the drums could have been a little louder/clearer in the mix
lots of tempo/rhythm/texture changes keep it interesting the entire time

good work i say, keep at it.
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Thanks for commenting on my post! Nice delay on guitar, reminds me a bit of U2! Alot of U2 actually. The drums could be turned up a bit. But aside from that, the composition is VERY nice. Reminds me of U2/Pink Floyd, two of my favorite bands in the world! The "climax" in the song is unexpected and as a result adds a very nice touch to the song! Good work, I'm impressed.
I really liked the nice little build up in the intro. you had some nice guitar licks and leads going on, especially at the end. I was surprised how you ended it but then again that's a good thing that you caught me off gaurd.
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Yeah so this is a great tune. Your tones and mix sound great. What kind of set up are you using to record? How did you do the drums for the song? Liked and Subbed!
Quote by caw1
Yeah so this is a great tune. Your tones and mix sound great. What kind of set up are you using to record? How did you do the drums for the song? Liked and Subbed!

Thanks man! And thanks everyone for their kind comments I´m very glad

Guitars: Shure sm57 mic recording my amp
Bass: My guitar through a Micro pog and straight into my soundcard, oh and I use a bass amp simulator VST in my recording HUD too!
Drums: Midi drums from guitar pro with Superior Drummer 2 added to it

There you go
The track sounds very, very polished.
The only thing that comes to my mind, is that a more agressive distortion/overdrive on the lead guitar would make it sound more engaging, at the moment it's a bit too smooth (100% personal opinion here)
Thanks for the crit man!

The beginning was very relaxing and would probably put me asleep if I lived in the country and owned a hammock.
Track quality is very well produced as a whole. It had that studio vibe to it in which makes me jealous because I can never get that polished vibe.
I would like to hear the lead guitar sound a little less compressed though and the drums being cleaned up a little bit. (A little slice around 430hz should do the trick)
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Immediately I'm loving this. Beautiful tone, on all instruments. The bass and drums entrance is great. Beautiful melody. The heavier part (for lack of a better word to describe it) is good, but the tone isn't as good as the clean parts are. It's not bad, it's just that the clean sounds very nice. I like how it's alternating between the two though. Very nice. This part at 3:15 is really nice, an unexpected turn, yet so fitting at the same time. Amazing. It could be a little more hard-hitting though. And I'm personally not a big fan of fadeouts, here it just kind of dies off. Still, this is REALLY good stuff, man. Thanks for the crit on mine as well
i cant really negatively critique as I dont really have any, but i will say i liked it a lot, lol. Although I kinda agree on the distortion maybe having a lil more bite like the other guy said. Just personal opinions tho, cuz what you had worked. Creative tho, and I enjoyed it!
To be completely honest, I love it, man. The intro is fantastic and the guitars sound amazing! I do feel that the timing was a bit odd in a couple of places, but these were very minor things. I think that the distortion you used had just about the perfect amount of breakup, and I think the song as a whole had a very 70s feel to it. All in all, tres bien

And thank you so much for your critique! It was very much appreciated
U2 are one of my all time favourite bands along side Devin Townsend and Coldplay and you remind me of all three of them!
When its in i love the chord progressions. Got a real nice 'feel good' feeling to it.
If you havent already, check out 'Terria', 'Ocean Machine' and Accelerated Evolution by Devin Townsend =]
On the sound side of things, I really like the tones you've used (could maybe turn the delay down slightly at the beginning?)
Let me know when you have a new track up pal
Nice touch with the rocky finish =]