New recording of an old song. We recorded in our drummers basement. I really like how it came out, but our drummer won't stop bitching. I'd like to get some more opinions on everything about it. The mix, the musicianship, the performance, etc. In return I'll check out anything of yours you want and give my best, most honest opinion of it.

The song is in my profile.

American Circus
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This was really cool! I really like the singing!

The verse was really cool and building up too the chorus well which is the part i liked the most The intensety of the whole song were raising through the whole song too and it ended up in this really cool pumping ending
The intro was great too when all instruments joined in, really cool effect on the guitar

Well done guys!

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Dude awesome song i really hope that you share your knowledge with me
Cuz i am still new to the whole recording thing
As I listen:

Really well put together. like REALLY well! Vocals sound fitted into the mix so damn well. The effect on the lead guitar is rad, and really gives the song a sense of a unique quality to it. Along the same lines, the vocals also contribute their own uniqueness, and are done extremely well. Honestly did not expect something this well put together on UG. This almost sounds studio quality, not exactly but as close as you can get without actually recording in one. If I could express how jealous I am of this song I would, but I simply cant.

Is there anyway I can get my hands on this?
also as a side note I checked out your other stuff as well, and am really diggin' you're overall sound. Can definitely hear some Jack White and RHCP influences in a lot of your stuff.
Best of luck with your future projects!
Sounds tight, I am personally not a big fan of too many effects, but your use of them pulls it off very nicely. Catchy melody, catchy vocals, reminds me of Interpol a bit (i dont know if anyone knows interpol any more). Overall nice job man.
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VERY awesome! I love the main riff! You've definitely got a sound like the Chilli Peppers in my opinion, but with your own little twist! You guys are a really nice, tight band, I like your sound alot. The lead singer has a very nice voice. I could imagine hearing this on the radio! Do you guys have an album or anything like that that I could listen to? Lemme know! Check out my work in my sig. Bit of a different style as you, but influenced by the Chilli Peppers as well.
I wish I could tell you. We're a 4 piece and everyone except him loves how it came out, so I think we're just going to overrule him and start handing out a CD with this and some other songs on it soon. He doesn't think it sounds "radio friendly" and doesn't like how our singer mixed it. I think he's just talking out his ass though. I don't know what he expects lol, for this being done in his basement I think it's great.
I'm going to check out your other stuff right now as well.
American Circus
Like the White Stripes, RHCP, or Cage the Elephant? Check out mah band!
I like it. It has almost a Queens Of the Stone Age feel to it at certain points if you ask me. The production is very nice and tight, and I like your vocals. I'm not crazy about the background vocals, but that's just my opinion. Overall, quite well done!

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This is really cool. Bass is nice, guitar is good, drums are tight, and the vocals are great. Like the guy above me said, there is a bit of a QOTSA influence/mood here. Definitely a good thing. I'm listening through laptop speakers, and even through these I can hear the production is done well. The song itself is also really good. The band is spot on, and the vocals fit very nicely on top. Throughout the song I feel the tension elevating, and that is really cool. Probably the best part of the already great song. This is really good stuff man, and thanks for checking mine out
very cool bass intro. I like the effect you used on the guitar and your vocals. the main riff was good but I think it was a little redundant having the band stop at the end and having the guitar play the melody one last time. I think it would sound just fine without it but that's my opinion. keep up the good work!
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The intro bass gave me a RHCP feel (which i like, so yay) but then the guitar coming in immediately gave it its own unique feel. the vocal melody is strong, it sounds like it belongs and flows nicely between transitions. the background CALL ME in the chorus is a fresh touch, caught me by surprise a little bit but in a good way. around 2:00 now, idk if it changed or if i didnt hear it before but the cymbals seem a little loud to me all the sudden. back to the chorus and im really impressed by the overall sound of the vocals. at 2:55 i like how it goes up, i actually feel like that could have kept going a little bit more instead of a blink and you miss it type thing. i like how it breaks down, especially the bass slide at 3:30. i agree with the tension building statement above too. i always like to hear songs building and taking you to new places throughout and you could hear it just in the tone of the singers voice as the song progressed. ive checked out your stuff in the past and have always liked what ive heard. nothing to bitch about coming from here. if the drummer has legitimate concerns then it would be good to get them out and cover them hear but it sounds like hes just butt hurt for the sake of it so i wouldnt be too worried about it.

i just posted a new song myself, mind taking a listen?