Hey everyone! I'm here to share with y'all the product of my last failed relationship . Normally I'd be quite sad when a girl ditches me, but since such a great song. in my opinion, came out of the whole situation, I simply say "Not bad, man, not bad."
Here's "Comet" off my new album The Grid, feedback is wanted, no ASKED FOR Knock yourselves out!


P.S. The REST of the album can be found and listened to here.

Indeed, heartbreak is certainly one of the most powerfully creative tools. Best part about it, is should your music ever make it to the radio one day, you litterally do haunt them with your song
Honey mustard is best mustard.
This is great. I thought it would be annoyingly mopey, but it sounds more like your laughing at her, but there's still that hint of pain. All the instruments sound great, the reverb on the vocals really works. It's actually kind of catchy. No other comments are needed, this is a great song. End of story.

I'm currently listening to Moonlight Symphony. It's pretty cool too. If you don't mind, would you crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1509419