Hiya UG, I've recently decided to take the stickers off my cheap bass. They're covered in stupid statements, that would suit anyone in an All Time Low-esque pop punk band, but I'm trying to appear more serious than that. I've joined a band recently, and frankly the stickers make me seem unprofessional. I'm getting tired of the rather stupid, 'I'm not weird, I'm gifted' sticker attached to the bass.
So long story short, how can I remove the stickers without leaving the adhesive residue from the back of the sticker? And how can I remove sticker residue that is already there without damaging the finish?

Thanks in advance for any help given
You might have luck with some elbow grease and furniture cleaner. I can tell you that Goof-off will damage your finish.
Goo-gone works as does normal rubbing alcohol
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For something with a hard finish, not a natural finish, alternate between margarine and baking soda. You can use a mild dish soap to remove the margarine.
get a clean cloth, some elbow grease and some eucalyptus oil, this will remove all the gooey shit and leave your axe with a nice scent.
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Lighter fluid works to take the glue residue off.

This. Its cheap, safe for finishes, evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.
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Lighter fluid works to take the glue residue off.

WD-40 works better IMHO
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