So I got a 100$ gift card from best buy and I want to purchase a noisegate pedal with it.

here are the choices available that I can order from their website :

Dunlop - MXR Smart Gate Pedal
Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2
Rocktron Hush
Rocktron Reaction Hush
Behringer Ultimate Noise Reducer (23$... i'm assuming not as good)
Boss Compression Sustainer NS-3

the main problem I have with my distortion is that there's a ton of hissing when I stop playing and there is generally a very high level of noise going on which is pain to work with when recording.

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The MXR Smart Gate is one of the best pedal noise gates out there. Thats the one I'd get out of your list
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Behringer Ultimate Noise Reducer (23$... i'm assuming not as good)

But its the ULTIMATE noise reducer!

Anyways, the compression sustainer isn't a noise reducer or noise gate. In fact, it kinda creates more fuzz. At least for me.

Go with the Boss NS-2 and/or MXR Smart Gate, but definitely Smart Gate if anything.
NS-2 gets my vote. I like that pedal very much, all things considered.
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