Today signifies the day of the birth of a man, a legend, and the king of my world, David Bowie.

Show some love, dear people of the pit!

What's your favourite period/songs/album/etc.?

My favourite period currently is the Thin White Duke era, altough my favourite albums are The Man Who Sold the World and Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps).
Oh you mean that guy that stole that Nirvana song?

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Favorite period is defs the '70s, duh. (The whole decade, yeah. >_> His best albums are (in order) Hunky Dory, Low, and Aladdin Sane.
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Oh you mean that guy that stole that Nirvana song?

Oh you!
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holy crap is that jimmy hendricks?

Yes. That's Jimi Hendrix.
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The Man Who Sold The World .. Great album. I'm currently listening to his whole discography in chronological order .. Happy Birthday old boy.

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Happy birthday Stephen Hawkings. Look how happy he is!
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Space Oddity.
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Bowie is great. Wish he'd do a new record cause his last one was good!