I'm thinking of building a pedalboard soon, and I've noticed that pretty much everybody uses short pedalboard cables between their effects, instead of these little interconnect things.

They seem to be a lot cleaner, especially if you have same-sized pedals, and the offset ones allow for different shaped pedals. Also, they're way shorter, so the impedance must be significantly lower. So why does nobody use them? is there something that magically makes them super shitty?
They don't allow me to perfectly line up the bottoms of my pedals, because the offset in the plug itself forces me to move one pedal up or down to connect it to the next. That's why I wouldn't use them.
Alright, but is there any technical difference? Or is it just aesthetics? Anybody without OCD want to chime in on this?
They break. The offset ones are better but pedals take a lot of abuse, little patch cables allow one pedal to move relative to the other so they are more resilient.
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Think about what happens when you step on a pedal. Even on a hard floor or a pedalboard, it flexes and wiggles a bit - and you've got your weight behind it, so it's not a light motion. By using those interconnects, you're removing all of the strain relief you previously had between the pedals. The failure point is usually the interconnect itself, but you're also stressing the pedal jacks themselves. Not a good system.

Plus, unless you've got one row of all Boss pedals, chances are your pedals aren't going to line up properly when using those.
Alright, cool. I'm generally pretty easy on my pedals so I think I might use them between a few of my boss pedals cause they take a lot less force to push, but I'll use mini patches between the others. Thanks for all your answers eh.