What all do I need to record some songs? I know I need mics for drum set, but what type of software am I looking at buying, and how much will everything cost most likely?
theres some all in one recorders that you can master songs with. so for "decent" quality you dont necessarily need any software
This is such a broad question. What are you looking to record? What style? What instruments? Do you want to record live or overdub? Are you going to mic instruments or di them?
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What do you consider decent really?

I have a Presonus Firestudio and a mac with Logic + a handful of microphones and I can get some beyond decent quality but that's talking close to 5 grand right there.

At the simplest level you need a good interface, that's a really important part of a cheaper signal chain.
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Yeah, you really need to tell us what you need your recording rig to do now, what you will probably want it to do in the future, and how much you intend to spend.

Money is always the limiting factor, and how you measure "decent" is always going to be an evaluation of your purpose for the recording (please tell us that too!) and your budget.

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