i can play guitar but theres one problem its strange really for some reason i just cant get a good position for my hand to palm mute.
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It really shouldn't be too difficult to do. What's the problem? Do you have enough gain? If you don't then it would sound too quiet.


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if you want to get it right you should better start calling it palm muting..

Not only is it super simple and something that you should be able to figure out just by playing with your hand positioning but pictures most likely won't help you since everybody does it their own way anyway...

Just keep practicing man, you'll figure out PALM mutes.

Also, gain has nothing to do with it... you can palm mute on an acoustic guitar and hear it fine..

Ok well all you do basically is pick normally but have your palm on the strings really near to the bridge, so the note is still sounded but it's muffled by your palm.

Hope this helped.

Also, I take it you're teaching yourself? I struggled with it for a while as I saw people doing it in videos and tried to replicate the sound and it came after a couple of hours, just keep trying.

Good luck

EDIT: I'd like to add that I lol'd hard at the title!
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Try resting the side of your palm on the bridge, then slowly roll your palm to where the strings meet the bridge. Do this while picking. You will be able to find the sweetspot with a little adjusting. Dont be fooled and think you need you whole side of your palm on the strings, you dont need much skin on the strings to create the mute. Obviously the more skin on the strings the quieter and more muffled the mute will sound. The less skin on the strings allows for more volume and fuller sounding mute or Chug if you mostly play high gain. Its the easiest technique to quickly pick up. Pinch Harmonics or squealies took me quite some time to learn but the earlier you start trying them the easier they will get.
Good luck and never stop playing!
Just rest your palm, or more accurately, the blade of your hand near the bridge in such a position that you can still pick or strum the strings
A picture of your current hand position would be useful, it sounds like (from the little information you've given) you've been playing with your hand in a slightly odd position that's perfectly suitable provided you don't palm mute, but when you do have to palm mute it's not quite right. Ideally you want your hand to be in a position such that palm muting is simply a matter of making a small adjustment to the position/angle of your hand (depending on how you pick) and your picking movements can stay much the same.
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thanks you guys sorry about the pic could not upload one at the time still thanks