So I'm looking to sell my Epiphone Explorer which spends all of it's time in the case and never gets played. The problem is, when I took it out to make sure everything was cool before I threw it on CL, I found that it wouldn't come through the amp. Then eventually it did, but then it cut out again. When I struck the strings really hard it would come back in...
And when I'd switch pickup positions it would be scratchy and then do the same thing in every position.

So does anyone know the problem? Wiring? Lack of use?

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Did you check all of the wire connections yet? If you haven't, then you probably should, and if you have, then check all of the pots and switches.
try a different amp
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Check the connections at the output jack. Everything you're talking about leads to there.
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Output Jack or split in the coils in your pickups so if both of your pickups dont come through, it's eaither the output jack or your amp