This is the third time this has happened now.

I used Dadarrio 9 gauge strings before and once during practice the D string snapped at the bridge. I ended up buying a new set cos the others were practically on the way out so bought a new set and lasted a week before the same thing happened again this time the A string.

The singer recommended I switched to Ernie Ball hybrid set 10-52 gauge and they were great I'm sticking with them from now on but tonight the same incident happened a third time where the D string snapped at the bridge.

Any possible reasons why this is constantly occurring or anything that can be done to prevent it cos it would be horrible for this to happen during a gig and I'm getting sick of having to fork out money to get a new set every time this happens.

If anyone is wondering I play a Jackson V 32ST model it's a bolt on neck but next month I'll be upgrading to a full body Jackson
It sounds like you have a burr on the D string saddle. Take a piece of 400 grit sand paper, roll it into a small tube an gently sand the saddle.
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usually when that happens, it's because the bridge saddles are sharp and are cutting into the string, causing it to snap. you could file down some of the metal where the strings touch the saddles to try and smooth it down
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Yeah the other guitar player recommended I do that I'll give that a try see how I get on just hope I don't have the same issue with the higher end model
Your strings don't corrode abnormally fast do they? A friend of mine had this same problem and was convinced it was a burr in the saddle. We checked it out and all looked good. Later on we ended up changing out the tremolo on that guitar. The new trem had the exact same issue. It turns out that for some reason his sweat is very acidic and was corroding his strings very quickly. After about a week of playing they would rust in the saddle and snap. If you don't find any burrs in your saddle and sanding doesn't seem to do the trick, this might be something to consider. We've had to try switching him to Black Beauties coated strings. So far so good but he hasn't had it back long enough to see if it worked or not.
I had this EXACT same problem with the SAME strings. The G string snapped twice in a row within a few days of replacement. I took it to get setup because it needed it anyway. I dont know what he did, if anything, but it doesnt happen now.

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