Hey nice playing I left you a comment. Hope to see more from you.
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Nice playin bro, its always hard to tell on these overdubs what your guitars actually sound like, I am assuming your just looking for feeback on your playing and accuracy? From what i could tell it was spot on but a few places were hard to hear. from what i can tell that POD is sounding real nice tho!
Thanks guys . I've been playing for 6 months now and just recently got the Pod so I could record some covers and get feedback on what my strong and weak points are when I play so I can fix the weak points and get better. Sorry about the parts being hard to hear surjer, I only slightly put my guitar above the song so it wouldn't overpower it too much.

Thanks for the positive feedback .
If your only 6 months into it your gonna fvckin wale in another years time! Practice practice practice with a metronome and work on your accuracy. Not that what you posted is bad by all means. Dont worry about being faster that part will come. Pick a progression and start out at like 100bpm on the metronome, then nail it forwards and backwards etc. Then bump up the metronome to 110bpm. same thing. I like to start out high on the neck and for each progression move down 2 steps so the stretches get harder each time. Definately helps..

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Hey man, great cover! For 6 months, your playing is really good and you'll only get better A piece of constructive criticism would be to concentrate on your timings. At some parts of the song, you slightly out of time, but nothing major. From what I can hear, your tone is pretty good. Maybe turn the actual song down in further covers? Anyway, keep it up!

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