hey guys wrote a new song


very different from my usual style of writing, theres harmonica, jazzy chords, and not my usual dark guitar parts haha

well yeah idk how i like it, but crit it, comment it, like it , dislike it, i just wanna no what you all think

and C4C makes me wanna pee.....twas a bad rhyme....but yeah C4C
honestly, its a cool easy going song but the harmonica was a bit too high pitched and hard for me see it fit with the guitar. Try to use lower pitch ranges and I think it'll fit more. That's just my opinion though, no offense. Overall the song was good.
check out mines: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1504681
thanks, could have to turn down to volume on it, might sound better, thank you though. Ill shalll check yours out nows
thank you! yes i probley should put an EQ on it, i shall check yours out when i get home!
I dig it. It has a very chill vibe going on, reminds me of Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, or even Jack Johnson if that isn't too much of a stretch. Agree with the others though, either raise the key on your guitar or lower the harmonica. Nice voice TS!
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Thanks! never heard of the first one, but i can see what your saying with the jack johnson, thank you very much.