Alright so I've found a 15W tiny terror head to buy for $370, which as far as i've seen is a pretty good price. I'm hoping to get it when I get paid if it hasn't been taken off the market. Only thing is, I have no cab. The orange cabs I've looked at are a bit beyond what I'd like to pay. I'm just wondering if anyone has experience matching non-orange cabs with these amps.

For reference on the sound I'm going for, think Manchester Orchestra. Thanks.

EDIT: I'm going to be doing mostly bedroom stuff so quieter is nice. I'm thinking a 1X12 or 2X12
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Sorry to say it, but if you get an Orange amp, you're going to have to run it through an Orange cab.
you'd probably be best off with just the orange 1x12 cab. its going to give u the best quality for that amp and the price isn't that outrageous.

but you really can buy any cab to go with the head. the orange just have some of the better sound.

check out jet city cabs. those r cheap if thats the route u want to go. but i think ur better off spending a little extra for the nicer cab. thats half of where your sound is coming from. shitty cab is gonna make any head sound awful
Marshall 1960 cabs have vintage 30's in them, which is the same that is in the Orange 112. Just find a cab with Vintage 30's
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