hello all, I just need a few opinions/views on a budget strat project i'm doing for a friend he has one of those squier strats (the series has grown so much since I've last came into contact with them) upon some research it was made by a Chinese company called axl , anyway the problem here is that when he uses distortion it sounds, to put it bluntly
Terrible , he says it plays clean fine but it doesn't handle distortion very well and he wants the bridge pickup replaced

so i have been looking at GFS to save him some $$$

and have talked over with him and we have decided between
a gfs lil killer or a prewired hss pickguard both cost around the same but with the lil killer i will need to replace the pots and tone cap

so i'm wondering which would be a better choice the main thing i am wondering about is would the gfs pre-wired pickguard be even an upgrade worth doing ? or would it be just a decent replacement as of now i am leaning to the gfs lil killer because of the wide pole magnets and better quality but i just need some opinions also reviews on the lil killer or pickguard would be helpful

Thank You, for all who help ~Average Player

Oh sorry for not clarifying he wants a humbucker in the bridge so he can play more hi-gain music

This is the lil killer http://www.guitarfetish.com/Lil-Killer-White-Humbucker-Humbucker-Strats-3-Versions-Available_p_463.html
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I'd toss one of these in, I'd avoid their humbuckers in the prewired kits, I just have a iffy feeling about them since they sell the humbuckers individually for around $30.