For some reason. I can't find much on this amp online. Does anyone know anything about it? I'd like to know what kind of speakers come stock in them. I've always used 4:12 cabs. Can I disconnected the tens and run my cab? I play blues,and metal. I have a tele for blues and a handful of different esp and ltd guitars. Most with active pups. Was this mesas budget line or something? I can't even find how much it cost new. Im trading an old cab and two Ltd guitars for it. I was all excited when I first decided to make the deal, but now, Im not sure. The reviews I did find were less than enticing.
I've never played one. Something tells me it is not really built for metal at all but I could be wrong. I've heard it is a great amp though. What reviews are you reading? I'm pretty sure you can only find them used. You should be able to find quite a bit of info on it if you just google it. You can use the 'Cool Look Up' link in my sig to find some used ones perhaps. Sounds like maybe you found one used already and are not sure about it?

Does it have to be a Mesa?

Check out the 'What Amp' sticky maybe.

Edit: yes you should be able to run an external speaker cab. It probably will disconnect the internal speakers but you need to check all of that out as well and make sure you match your ohms no matter what. I now see this is a 4x10 combo? ish
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