Would it be possible to get EMG pickups for my Dean Vendetta? I know its not the best guitar but im attached and cant seem to get rid of it. Would it be worth getting EMG pickups for it? Thanks
It might be. Depends on what condition it's in. The last six-string I had, it was of average quality, but was getting rusty. I ended up replacing all the hardware and putting an EMG85X in it. It breathed incredible life into it. The quick connect system made it incredibly easy to install.

So I'd say sure, go for it. Haven't changed pickups or modded a guitar before? You could start now. If it doesn't work out, assuming you get new EMGs, they'll have the quick connect system and you should be able to sell them and put your old pickups back in.
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Ive only been playing for 3 months. Ive been practicing roughly 5 hours a day. Are EMGs really that much of a difference? And If so, would they be a big improvement for my Dean Vendetta with Ernie Ball strings
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You wont notice a dang thing with new pickups....New amp time!

you think?
I know. I switched to EMG's when I still had my Fender Frontman crap amp, didn't notice a single difference over stock.

Pickups are only part of the equation, the amp is the majority of the equation, since it's what actually creates the sound.
There will be a noticeable difference. But a new amp will improve your tone 100x more than new pickups will.
I bought Earnie Ball strings and to be honest they dont feel much different from my stock ones..
Been playing 3 months? The cube 20 is fine.
Dont bother wasting money on an amp yet.
Or pickups. Just keep playing. And remember. Commas are for losers.