Hello, I'm new to playing guitar. I've been learning how to read tab music. When reading tab music, how do you know how many times to play a line? I've come across some tab music where it will not say and then other songs it will say x1, x2, etc. at the end of the line. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
How many times does it play in the song? Play along, it helps.
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the internet is great for an abundance of tabs

however you have to keep in mind that many, if not most tabs are user created. Some people are better at writing them out down to the last detail than others. Some people will just be like "play G C D A and listen to the song for the strumming pattern"

If you find a tab that works for you but isn't very specific, you might just have to listen to the song and take a few notes of your own. listen to how many times the verse repeats before changing to the chorus, the bridge, etc. Also try to listen to strumming patterns, as they're almost never explained in user created tabs. Unless you buy the actual published tab book, you have to take tabs with a grain of salt because they're going to be less than perfect more often than not.
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Hey man here is something that will definitely help you:


This is my free ebook and in chapter 5 i am telling you everything you need to know about guitar tabs.

I recommend that you read all chapters in order though as they have valuable information.

Hope that helps,

Most tabs will usually say how many times to play. If it doesn't look right then maybe check elsewhere for the tab you want so you can compare