Looking for some input to help me make a decision. I'm a beginner and have been practicing without an amp for about a month now. I'm currently looking to buy either a Peavey Vypyr or a similarly priced Line 6 POD. I'm a hobbyist so nothing serious. Basically I'd spend a lot of time using headphones, playing along with music and maybe a little recording on my pc.

It looks like either product can fit my needs. Obviously the Vypyr can be played as a real amp so it has that advantage but I could use my existing stereo with the POD. Anything else I might be overlooking? My budget is around $300 plus tax new or used.
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I'd go with the Vypyr. I have one and I love it to death. It's a great practice amp, but it can also be a great performing amp. They're the best modeling amp you can buy for the money in my opinion.
So I had another option come up. Found a slightly used Digitech RP1000 for $249. Looks practically brand new to me. The shop is going to hold it for me until tomorrow. From the reviews I've been reading and the videos I've seen it looks pretty cool.
If you are cool running with headphones all the time (or Monitors) then the RP or the Pod may be all you need. They are quite popular and get similar tones for the money. I have some experience with these personally.

If you want the ability to use headphones and blow doors down then get the Vypyr. I personally would only look at one of the Vypyrs with the power tubes in them (60/120) as they really help improve the tone in my opinion. The effects and modeling may not be as good but the flip side is you've got an amp you can crank up.

I've got a Vypyr 60 and I love it.
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The POD will have the superior tone, and is much more portable. At gigs or practice you can run it through the PA or a clean ammo, and it's also great for recording.

I'd only get the Vypyr if you particularly need an actual self contained amp, it's good but the POD is a much more professional level.
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Thanks guys. Yes, I've come to the conclusion that a POD or similar device is probably the best thing for me at this point. I've started into the comparisons between Digitech, Line 6, Boss and Zoom products. Seems like they all get good reviews.