I thought it was pretty good man! Friedman is one of my fav. guitarists, and one with a sound thats very hard to emulate, and u did pretty good! Great job man! As you said a few parts are a bit off, BUT overall you did pretty well. Good job man!
damn dude, that was great. hope you tab that out when you learn it. looking forward to the rest.
Marty Friedman is GOD!

curently in a SEX MACHINEGUNS and X JAPAN phase AND Galneryus AND Anthem phase

damn J-Metal, why you so awesome

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Thanks a lot guys!
I want to learn the whole solo segment from that song which is about 2 minutes long If I do, I'll definitely tab it out; although it's suprisingly easy to work it out by ear - took me maybe 2-3 hours to learn and practice it, and I'm not experienced in working things out by ear at all - this is pretty much my second time.