In one of the lead-outs some dude was playing what looked like a green bodied Jazzmaster, and the headstock was green or black....But didn't appear to be a Fender headstock(I was a tad drunk). Both my bassist and myself were like, what the hell is that?! Anyone know what it was? I tried looking on Hulu, but they didn't show that part.
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It would help a lot if you helped us understand who was playing.

Unsure, looks like the musical guest was kelly clarkson...So not her. I was too busy looking at the guitar...It was like a 5 sec outro
It does look a lot like a certain Fender guitar...I saw that lead out, they're only on the live broadcasts, not on Hulu since they're not very "important"

And for the guitars Clarkson's band used, pretty easy to figure out when you watch it.
fano's are cool.
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