Very good so far. It's very chill and all. A lonely man looking out his window onto a big open city on a high story is the image/vibe I get from this. It's produced very well and all of the guitar parts are very solid and it all just flows together. I use audacity too, it's a pretty good program (although I'm pretty bad at it) I especially love the break around 2:30. Keep it up.
Amazing man.
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nice, very nice, really very nice.
this sounds like the music im usually goin for, its got the chill feel of the cure, and maybe a bit of... idk a lot of bands, my bloody valentine? idek but this is great, no suggestions at all

edit: the synth reminds me of meddle sometimes, i know you know what i mean, this song is awesome
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Thank you guys so much for listening! If anyone wants to crit4crit I'm all for it!
Hi, I like pie.

Very solid, the mix is very even and well laid out. Sometimes the kick seems to jump a bit during bar transitions, but its not too bad. The whole atmosphere is very consistent, reminds me a bit of ambient video game music actually.
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Chillin on a sunday morning to this groove... Modulation on the guitar and synth is haunting - cool. 1:37 turn up that new synth sound, needs to be more in my face. Lead synth at 2:30 sounds a little weird to me, don't modulate it as much maybe? I dunno somethings off with it. Then when distorted guitar and everything comes in its great. Good work!

Maybe not oyur style but...
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very cool sounds going on. laid back but at the same time it has a rock feel to it. for some reason I can picture this in a commercial which isn't a bad thing. really cool song, thanks for sharing it with us.
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Thanks! At first I thought this would be some sort of demo for the song, well, it still kind of is. I plan on re-recording it with an actual drummer and fixing the guitar track so its much much fuller. Oh, and going to add in some vocals for sure!
Hi, I like pie.

This is brilliant. Very chilled and atmospheric. I really really like the little drum shits you do (0:52). It reminds me of something Mike Portnoy does a lot. Your choice of sounds are really good and they all work well together. I also thing they you judge the introduction of the distorted guitar really well. I give the piece a really good lift just exactly when it needs it. Well done!