Hey guys, I'm working on a cover of Chevelle's Family System. This is the instrumental for it:


This doesn't necessarily represent the final mix as I'm still shaping the guitar tone and need to record real bass and vocals yet. This does, however, represent the instrumental arrangement.
Holy shit man. That just blew me away. I really can't wait until you finish this. One of the things I'd always liked about Chevelle's sound was it was so simplistic and minimalistic. But what you've done with the song is absolutely astounding. You have to let me know when the finished version comes along!
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Will do. Thanks for your thoughts on it. I've been debating whether or not to include this on my eventual full album as Attacking The Mind. One way or another, it'll get released but not sure how yet.
Not to resurrect an old thread from the dead but I don't feel the need for making a new post about this. The finished version of this track with vocals has been uploaded. Check it out here:

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