Hi my name is Tyler, I've been playing guitar continuously for about a year now. I have enjoy both electric and acoustic but currently like acoustic better.

Anyway, my question is what should be my next step in advancing my guitar skills?

I have the whole fret board memorized, have an understanding of major, minor scales and pentatonic scales. I know a good amount of chord but I suppose could always learn more. I play songs I like but I feel like I have hit a stand still in my learning techniques of guitar. Mind you I'm almost entirely self taught. Is it just time to get a teacher or something?
constantly remind yourself of how much you suck. that's a good, (very) generalized starting point for improvement. i'd start by searching for paul gilbert on youtube.

edit: don't think of me as being an asshole, though I am. when you know that you can do it better, you start to find ways to do it better, and that's how you become a better guitarist. so, i say again, you can do it better. every single thing. you can do it better.
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I have nothing to add, but if you're a year in and you have the fretboard down, I'd say you're very, very much on track.