I'm in a band, the fact that you're here means you're probably also in a band. I live in the UK, where there has been a massive drive over the past few years by the BBC for new music. BBC introducing lets bands upload thier music with the potential of getting it played on radio one, to a worldwide audiance. But there is a bad side to it, on the whole, airplay for your band depends on what they need to fill out thier show, and keep it varied. So they could hear an amazing metal band, but they're already playing a metal song in that show, so they put your song on the shelf and never think of it again.

The UK festival Circuit used to be teaming with new local bands to each festival, but now most of the unsigned slots are filled via BBC introducing. The old system had the booking agents for the festivals doing all of the work, finding the bands that People really wanted to hear, rather than the bands that the BBC say you should be listening to.

This sounds like an attack at BBC introducing, and it's not, But my question today is, What's the best industry support for new, unsigned music? And is industry saturation with the same bands via BBC introducing a bad thing, or a good wake up call for all those bands who aren't getting recongition right now?

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The internet, band member's motivation, and your own pro-activeness are the best support your band are going to get. Spam links to your Soundcloud on forums, upload your tracks to any kind of music service, basically do anything and everything so that your band gets exposure. There are a million other bands trying to do the same as you, and some good advice I heard was to treat it like a 9-5, spend all your free time promoting yourselves, getting in touch with photographers, venue owners etc.

I'd also recommend getting some photo's done of you playing live.

I'm guessing you already knew all of this but oh well, just trying to help.

You're actually not doing that bad for a band that's been around for less than a year in my opinion, and you've got some pretty sweet songs. Keep it up and I wish you the greatest of success.
Come at me bro.
Some very kind words there Dahaka, we're working pretty hard at the moment, we're gigging with peaks and troffs at the moment, a few good months followed by a dry patch, but we're still writing songs to really make our set stand out. We keep arranging live Photo's but keep getting let down or gigs being cancelled!
Other than that thanks for your input.