So I don't know if this is the right spot to put this, but Im curious about Youtube's copyright system and how it works... So, I like a lot of you guys cover songs and put them on youtube. Why do some of my songs get blocked from this country, or match third party content, or have no problems at all? It really confuses me how I can upload one cover, and have zero problems, then I upload another and its blocked from virtually every country, then I upload another and it matches third party content yet I can keep the video public. what's the deal, anyone know how all of that works?
No idea. I think it's a case of which record label is the artist signed to (are they really anal about it?) and whether you get scouted by the bots or not. Also you're not likely to be in any trouble if you're only covering a solo or something, but a whole song could give you a warning.
It's not an explanation but only a remark. Many covers are blocked in Germany.
"Matches third party content" I'm pretty sure just means they're going to put ads on the video that will pay the copyright holder. If it's blocked in certain countries, then that was the labels decision.