Hey guys! This is the first time I'm posting in this section.

Well, I read a bit through the theory FAQ, and didn't notice any book suggestions, so I guess I'll ask. Can anyone recommend me a music theory book from which I can learn well, everything a professional should know (one day!)? The important thing is shipping into Croatia.

Thank you very much!
Hey, thanks for the reply. I've seen that site, and it's amazing, but I'll be honest and say it really hurts my eyes to look at a computer screen, especially when reading something (in this case, studying).

That's why I'd really like a nice, hard copy.
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Check out the Ab Guide.

Oh, sorry, though you said that for the website in the earlier post. Thanks a lot!
Not a theory book per se, but a teaching guitar school website...


I see you're in Croatia, so if your search for getting a book shipped there doesn't pan out for you, keep us in the back of your mind. We have other students from Croatia, so if you'd like to know what their experience at the Academy has been like, just get with me in PM. I know you asked for a book, but the reason that I responded, is because I know of no book that will directly translate to the guitar specifically that will do that.

But I can tell you that we absolutely can teach everything knowledge wise and applied to the guitar, to get you to a professional level of understanding.

If we can help, let me know! The only thing I/we can't do is assure your technical abilities; those come from personal self-discipline and frequent practice and a lot of playing and refining to the point where it becomes more a part of muscle memory.


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