So, the day has come, I'm ordering de pups for my LP.

Getting IronGear HotSlag/RollingMill pair (in zebra... Yum)
And I want to utilise parts I have all ready and waiting.


QUESTION: Can you do a treble bleed mod on Push/Pull pots? And do you have to door to BOTH pickups?

PLEA FOR HELP: could one of you fine, more experienced people rustle me up an easy to follow wiring diagram (think MS Paint kinda simple) that a first-timer could follow?

I'l be using; SHADOW KILLPOT (tone for Neck Pup), CTS POT (tone for bridge), probably Alpha push/pull for both volumes, SPRAGUE ORANGE DROP CAPS, IRONGEAR PICKUPS, and some new switch that ima buy today too.

Thanks in advance, and hopefully one of you guys can help me out
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You can absolutely do a treble bleed on a push/pull. All it is is soldering a capacitor (with a resistor if you so desire) between the input and output lugs on the pot. You're going to have to do it on both volume pots though.