I have a Jackson kelly made in japan.
Serial number 9643991

Seymour Duncan Humbuckers.
It is told to be an KE3, however it does not say anything anywhere! It has the exact shape and gear as the japan-made ke3, So I assume that is what it is. Metallic blue finish!

Ps: Missing some neck locking nuts and and a screw or two, but I can easily replace all those. What is the price of this one?Smiley Any estimate, please!
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There was no japan-made and new guitars at current time for sale on that google search. Prices change with time, you know...
Impossible to predict with the information you've given

you've said nothing about the condition, the setup, etc

Good rule of thumb is take retail value and subtract 50%, that's what a good condition used guitar is realistically worth.
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