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From an admin on the ehx.com forum (Electro-Harmonix website).
EHX XO pedals (the smaller diecast pedals, like the Stereo Pulsar) are the following dimensions. First line is metric, 2nd is imperial, or whatever you call it.

Using this format:
[ W (mm) | D (mm) | H (mm) | HE (mm) ]

[ W (In.) | D (In.) | H (In.) | HE (In.) ]

Stereo Pulsar/Xo size effects:
[ 92 | 117 | 76 |
[ 3.6” | 4.6” | 3” |

The regular Small Clone is

[ 85 | 132 | 52 | 72 ]

[ 3 1/3” | 5 1/8” | | ]
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Is it a Small Clone or a Nano Clone? Nano Clones dimensions are 5.8 x 2.8 x 3.4.

If it is the Nano Clone, you did get ripped off. Those things go for 45 bucks brand new.
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The Amazon dimensions are wrong.

I just measured my Small Clone and the dimensions match the ones you have given. It's real.
Looking over it again, the Amazon dimensions are probably the shipping dimensions, not the pedals dimensions. I have a small stone, and there is no way that it is 7.5 inches long

Enjoy your new pedal!
Amazon are probably counting the "Product" as the pedal in it's cardboard box - the dimensions will be the measurements of the box.
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It looks exactly like a Small Clone except for like I said, the dimensions are 5 1/4 L x 3/14 W...i checked on Amazon.com and it shows the dimensions the dimensions for the regular Small Clone, they should be 7 1/2 L x 4.2 W.


@Quintex...how can the Admin say those are the dimensions for the regular Small Clone?? That can't be right...

I getting a bit confused here.

Personally, I would go with the specifications from the manufacturer's website forums than Amazon.com, a reseller listing thousands of products from thousands of sources. But that is just me.
It's not possible to confuse the Small and Nano Clones. They look completely different.
^ +1

also, the nano clone says nano clone on it.

maybe amazon measured it in man inches
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Amazon are probably counting the "Product" as the pedal in it's cardboard box - the dimensions will be the measurements of the box.

This. The people at the amazon shipping facility won't take the product out of the box. They probably just place the box in a cardboard one and ship it.
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