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I only created it for the pictures so there is nothing else on there haha!

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass SS - Silver with a black head stock, Maple neck and rosewood fret board, Alder body P J Pick ups and 30" scale!

I've had this for like two hours now and i have yet to put it down, it plays fantastic! The neck is really smooth and fast to move up and down. The finish is beautiful, the silver really sparkles in the light and looks awesome with the black pick guard.
With being quite short and having relatively small hands the short scale is great for me, I can play perfectly well on a full size bass but I feel so much more comfortable on this one I'd recommend this particular model to anyone.

I have hardly any qualms with this bass, though there are a few. The Jazz bass pick up (as predicted ) is slightly lacking in volume and well for lack of better words, umph. It does sound good, but its nothing on the fullness of the P pup, I wouldn't recommend soloing the J. I think i'll probably sub it out for something with a higher output when i have some spare cash lay about. There was also a small mark on the neck pocket. It looks like it wasn't fully sanded or something but thats not the kind of thing that bothers me at all... The only other problem i've had was finding a case to fit. Its too large for a guitar bag and far too small for a bass bag, I did however find a padded epiphone gig bag that was a nice fit, how ever... It was £30 and i only had £15 left after i payed for the bass so i had to settle for a full size bass case. Again its something i'll just have to invest in when i have a little more money!

Other than that, its a fantastic bass that sounds great! Its more than worth the £200 i payed for it Like I said above i'd recommend it to anyone looking for a short scale.

Feel free to ask any questions you have
Congratz good sir,and good to find another SS jag playa, I've never seen the silver one though,only the black on black! It is indeed shiny...mmmmm

Yeah, the J pu isn't great,I just use mine semi rolled off,adds a little bit of growl to the P's thump, but, like you, I'd never solo it! Did you try barter with the music store peeps about the case? Its a shame cuz if you'd asked nicely, they probs would of discounted especially if you were paying in cash!?! :/

Either way, glad you're loving your new short-scale, and may it bring you much joy in the years to come!! Happy New Bass Day indeed good sir!!!
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I would have tried, but i was in a rush, and i did feel pretty cheeky trying to get it half price... If i had like £25 or £20 i probably would have tried to get it but Ahh well, I'll get a second hand one or something online It really is a fantastic bass for the price!
Yeah it is,were you the gent asking about them before on here? Thinkin of sticking it through an ODB3? Becuz my only advice would be they really sing through grittier,less digital sounding fuzzes/drives...I stick mine thru an english muff'n valve pedal and its great for drrty blues rock...I've owned a couple of ODB3's and they are a bugger to tweek to a good sound...
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I'm just joking Moog. you know nothing can tear our friendship apart, not even the fact we are miles apart, I am right there beside you, yelling, "Chug it, ya little wimp!"
Yeah that was me I've noticed that with my ODB3, Its quite hard to get like a natural overdriven sound out of it... I've not got mine with me at the minute i left it in my other guitar bag which is at college... But i'll make sure to try it through that when i get it home. I might try hooking up my dads old guitar head to my cab and using the over drive channel on that, It sounded nice with my P bass...
They're great if you've got smaller hands like me! Try one out at a guitar shop or something they usually have a few in
That's a gorgeous bass! Must look into standard-scale Jag basses... hmmm...

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If i didn't fall in love with my SX short scale Jag, i'd have one of these!
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Ha! Well, there would have been no point in trying to negotiate a case when buying the Jag SS because Squier has not yet seen fit to produce a case (or gig bag) for this bass.

Everybody that owns one has the same lament. Strat-style guitar cases and gig bags are about an inch too short and bass cases are too long.

MF makes a cheap $40 hardshell case that fits about as well as anything I have seen. Dimensions are good side-to-side, but it's still about 3" too long. Still, for $40 it's hard to go wrong. Note that only the black cases are on sale for the $40 price.


Gator makes a poly/foam case that allegedly fits nicely but I think it's $60 or more. Until Squier sees fit to make a case that actually fits this bass then I think you'll just have to live with a slightly oversize case or gig bag.
Yeah, there was a epiphone padded gig bag that was an alright bag, i'll have a look and see if i can find the one and stick it on here if anyone else has had the problem i have I'll just get hold of it when i have the money spare