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Hey Guys! I'm an intermediate player who's a little bit lost and doesn't know what to learn next.
Basically, what I know when it comes down to playing electric guitar are:

-All The Notes On The Neck (Octaves)
-Barre Chords (CAGED System)
-Power Chords (Palm Muting)
-Triad Chords (Not familiar with all shapes but understand how it works)
-Some Finger Exercises (Building finger speed & power)
-Playing With Metronome (Building skill on timing)
-Funk Strumming Pattern/Rhythms (Muting and pressing chord)
-Techniques (Minimum Movement;String Bending;Rolling;Vibrato;etc)
-The Major Scale (All Five Positions)
-Minor&Major Pentatonic Scale (All Five Positions)
-Improvisation With Backing Track Using Different Licks (But not so creative)
-Standard blues progression of I-IV-V (12 Bar Blues with variations)
-Learning songs that are at my level (e.g: most recent: tears in heaven)

I think that's pretty much it, of course I still have A LOT more to learn, and surely I probably know better than anyone else what my strong points / weak points are, but I just thought it would be helpful if someone who have been through this road could give me a direction on where to head next. Perhaps sharing your effective steps on learning guitar from experience? (It would be best and very helpful if you guys could not only say "what" but also explains "how" XD thanks!!)

THANKS TO ALL who gave me a respond in the previous thread. After reading all of them.
Here's a list of things I came up with that I'm planning to be my next steps and to accomplish:

-Aural Training (Figure out the chords / transcribing a song by ear)
-The Circle Of Fifth
-More Challenging Songs (Including types I usually don't play)
-Modes (Some people say "NO" to modes though..?)

WHAT do guys think? would this be a clever and effective way to go?
Definitely feel free to suggest other things that you feel like I'm missing / should add to the "things to accomplish" list above!!

AND it would be awesome if you could share a link that offers a good lesson on either one of those from above or ones you're suggesting.
Personally, I check out: http://www.justinguitar.com/index.php
OR some of the Marty's guitar lesson on youtube.
For those who are planning to suggest buy a guitar book / have private lesson outside. Unfortunately, I'm really on a really limited budget..

BTW. I DO have a band to jam with in school and also in church.
I must say it's a lot of fun and you could really learn a lot from each other!

ALSO. I just bought a new guitar recently and the playability is incredible, much much better than my last guitar. Since then, I practice almost the whole day during weekend and if not almost right away after school till time to sleep. I'm really putting in a lot of time to practice, and it's something I love doing and enjoy. Right now it's just the matter of taking the right step for the most effective way to improve. So it would be great if you guys to help me out. In the end, this might be a question some guitar players may come across like me, so any reply to this thread should also be helpful for them as I wish. cheers^^

That's All Guys. Any Reply Will Be Highly Appreciated. THANK YOU =D
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