I'm a guitarist, but I play drums a little to get a feel of the instrument, plus it's very fun to play

I learnt a few rudiments and have been thinking, does anybody here do odd accents to their rudiments?

One that I've recently thought of is putting a triple-metre feel into a paradiddle.
Basically, like this:


Basically, the caps letters are the accents. The accents give the rudiment a triplet feel.
It does look abit undtidy but, I was wondering if anybody has come across something like this? I can't really do it fluidly, I'd like to see someone else do something like that.

EDIT: I had to edit it a little because I wrote the paradiddle out wrong
Breakfast, Breakfast, it's great for us
We eat, we eat, we eat
That frozen meat
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it can't be beat
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That'd be pretty hard to do at pretty much any decent speed, and I don't really see the point in applying that idea to that specific rudiment given that paradiddles are pretty much almost always played just as groups of 4, with every note besides the one on the quarter note being ghosted. But for singles, yeah, accenting a bit to give it somewhat of a triplet feel is cool.

It would be good practice, at least. I just probably wouldn't ever play it like that on actual drums, not without extensively working out several licks involving it, at least.