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Mine would have to be:

Phil Anselmo of Down

Kerry King of Slayer

And Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch.

So, Pit, what's yours?
Dat electro.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

ZZ Top.
"We're content, to pitch our tent,
When the glory's evident"
Petra - Beyond Belief.
Frank Zappa. Not close.
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Bitches be Crazy.

Chad Smith!!!

oh wait, even better...

Izzy Stradlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

noone is more badass than izzy stradlin!!!
Obligatory Zappa picture:

Henry Rollins will wreck your shit

Pretty much anyone who has played in Slapshot

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I remember Das_Skittles made me rage hard.

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I can't stand Das_Skittles everything he says makes me mad.

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Skittles is the shit you cuntles. Slob on his knob.

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What?! There's a clean channel on my amp?!

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omfg i totally forgot about that, you sir are jesus christ.
Brian Fair or Newton Faulkner :P

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Mine would have to be:

Phil Anselmo of Down

I think you mean Phil Anselmo of Pantera, bitch.

edit: Also, I second Henry Rollins and the Rammstein dude
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From interviews and stuff he seemed like he wouldn't have ever harmed a fly, but he still looks badass.
Im not sure if he id the most badass looking, but Ted Nugent needs to be mentioned in a discussion of musicians who are badass.
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I think you mean Phil Anselmo of Pantera, bitch.

But Pantera are no more So I just did the band he's currently in.
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fukkin Scott Kelly

He just walked in front of me while I was waiting for the doors opening for his solo show ,I almost pooped in my pants,reallyintimidating presence.Also,a very humble man.
^^wtf is that shit!?
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^^wtf is that shit!?

Attila Csihar playing with Sunn O))) and the Curator from Portal.
I've gotta go with Father Hetfield
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Ha ha love you to dude ;-)

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10/10 Slater is amazing

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From interviews and stuff he seemed like he wouldn't have ever harmed a fly, but he still looks badass.

He wasn't a big fan of cars though

My choices:

Jim was f*cking boss, and > Than any beard weilding metal head.

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Layne Staley
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X Japan,

Sugizo of X Japan and Luna Sea,


Smell ya later!
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wow, these people are a bunch of stupid drama queens. everybody dies, idiots, not every guitar breaks.

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this motherfucker right here

and this one

and this guy's also a cool son of a bitch

^sometimes he looks like Commisioner Gordon from Batman which i think is awesome
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