I'm building my own 4x12 guitar cab but i have no idea how to wire it.

The speakers are 8ohm impedance.

Do i wire it series or parallel? Is there any special type of wire i need (eg heavy duty wire)? Is there anything i need to look out for?

Also if anyone knows a website with a diagram or anything that would be great! Seems the internet is saturated with them and being someone who knows absolutely nothing about wiring, I have no idea which one to follow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

what impedance do you want the cab to be overall?

though i'm guessing series + parallel is basically your only option, that'd leave it at (don't quote me... as far as i know) 8 ohms overall. all in series is going to be 32 ohms overall (i.e. useless) and all in parallel is going to be 2 ohms (i think? again, don't quote me) which again is pretty much useless if you want to use it with any normal amps.

you might get better answers asking in G B&C. I only know very basic "rule of thumb" stuff so you don't get into serious difficulty or do something stupid or dangerous (and even on those things I'm pretty iffy ), as opposed to actually being able to walk you through it.
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Yeah I'd need the cab to be either 8 or 16 ohm impedance overall as that's what my amp can put out.

Robb - Where are the diagrams on the avatar website? I can't seem to find them!

Thanks for the help!