The OD channel on my new marshall tube head is awesome, but im looking for a higher gain sound, especially for solos. i own a satchurator which sounds great, but its a pain to have to run it on a different channel and switch so often. im looking for a slight gain and possibly volume increase in a pedal that wont make a whole lot of extra noise and hiss..
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If your on a budget look at the Digitech Bad Monkey OD, GFS Grennie only $50 each
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tube screamers are my favorite, either stock or modded, the mods are amazing. but others to look at, OCD by fulltone, the blues driver actually isn't that bad, and it's a bit high end but theres these pedals made by Keeler and they are really really great, it isn't made anymore but Keeler used to make the Two Timer boost pedal, best boost i've ever used.
+1 to both.

Here's a list off the top of my head to get you started: TS808ri (there's a Keeley version too), Keeley BD2, Keeley SD1, Lovepedal Eternity, Lovepedal Kanji, Lovepedal Kalamazoo, MXR Distortion III, and TRex Mudhoney I or II. I really enjoyed demoing the Keeley and Lovepedal stuff and I have the TS808ri and SD1 (getting it Keeley modded soon) on my board. They're all a little bit different flavors so season to taste. Pretty sure they vary quite a bit in price as well.
see when i hooked my satchurator up to OD channel, it is always way to nosiy between hiss and feedback. would the tube screamer for example run ok on this channel?
well if i'm not mistaken the sacthurator is a dist. pedal, the ts is an overdrive, so they work differently. find where your amp starts to break up and play around with both the ch vol and the MV, OD pedals are the sound of a tube amp breaking up but allows it to happen before the breakup point. sit down and spend some quality time with your amp before you set your sights on any gain pedal.

the amps i use don't have an OD channel so i'm always working with clean tone, but i imagine it's a similar plan of attack on finding tone that works, just different volumes.

oh and keep an eye out on your EQ...

have fun
Hi. I had a similar situation. I play through a Marshall tube, its a Haze 40 combo, but I needed an OD to give more gain when I play Poison, Crue or Ozzy, etc. I had the Zakk Wylde OD, but never could get the tone I wanted. I just got the BB Preamp pedal by Xotic. I freakin love it. Check it out on youtube. Nothing in the world wrong with the tubescreamers either. I tried out a TS7 & liked it, but the BB is soooo versatile. I looked at countless demos of overdrives & decided on this and I couldn't be happier.
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