i have an oppurtuniity to get an amp or the ax-fx so bassicaly
2k i do not play out with bands much but on some occasions
i do .

would the multi be the best over all deal i know ax-fx is the best for
sound modeling .

or are people more partial to amps ?
You should go and try both an axe and a bunch of amps. Whatever we might think shouldn't be a huge factor in figuring out what you want.
in your case where live isnt an issue (though it still can be used for live)

the axe sounds the best.

but you will either have to buy good monitors for your computer or a power amp+cab / powered cab to play without earphones or something
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The axe doesn't sound as good to me, but it is super close. Like, really really close. I may eventually get one, but ended up liking the splawn tone to much to shy away from it.

I know firsthand that it records really easy and the simplicity of making complicated setups is really nice.

Once you figure out how to use it, it really is great. It just not "quite" there tone-wise, IMO.
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Well the Ax Fx will get you the closes to the real thing for several amps. Most people probably won't even know it's not a real mesa or Engl or Fender or what ever you want just listening to it. I'd probably get an Ax Fx, the Ultra tho

Also you might want to check this out
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