Poll: Is going to college for music performance worth it?
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View poll results: Is going to college for music performance worth it?
2 29%
1 14%
Only if you are good enough to get a scholarship
4 57%
Voters: 7.
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What are your opinions on going to college for music? For myself, I am a fairly talented guitarist have thought about going to a conservatory quite a bit. However, it seems that wherever you look you have people (including musicians) who suggest that you just get a normal job and do music when you can.

Quick pro/con of music school for performance


- You are forced to get to a higher level of ability, and you can focus on it more than you may otherwise
- Meet your to-be band (it seems like a lot of famous bands started in college)
- Have a degree in music


- Potential waste of a lot of $ and time
- Time may be better spent in a band touring and practicing and writing
- Hard career, risk of not paying off student loans for a long time

The way I look at it is, it's worth it if you are good enough to get a decent scholarship because of your musical ability, because it shows you are in the top tier.

I'm somewhat vaguely related to the guitarist adam dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage) and the way he put it was he was friends with 2 sax players in college. One was really good, the other was excellent. The really good sax player is on the streets, the excellent player has a gig on some popular TV show

TL;DR: Music performance degree, worth getting? Worth getting if you can get a scholarship?
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Yes, if you are good enough.
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Do you want to go into it to enjoy it, or make money?

Enjoying it might not get you a lot of cash, but you will have great job satisfaction, and you will hone your skills over many years.

Making money will make you money (hurr), but you'll be stuck writing the same generic progressions as a session musician, for the most part.

Obviously, you want a good mix of the two. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, MY SON!
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