Hello folks, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out these two songs. State of the Art (Fort Smith) are a great metal band. They play some awesome tasty solos and riffs while still being heavy. First one is just the solos...


Second one, I know little bits of this but whenever I try to learn it, I still can't get the riffs and the solos right.



Edit: It would still be great even just one of those is tabbed.
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I'll see what I can do, they're interesting

Cool, thanks for your quick reply. I'd really appreciate that. They have other cool songs as well.
Umm do you know how to got a mp3 of March On? because I cant be on youtube all day . Are they on itunes or something?
I have a couple of their albums on my computer and I bought them from their label. How about youtube downloader or right-click them and download them if you have realplayer or quicktime player. I don't know if I can or allowed to upload them here.