I recently aqquired the parts for a Dean ML from a friend. Theres a few things missing and the pickups are absolutely destroyed. I'm thinking I'll just replace all the electronics. It's got 2 humbucker spaces, a toggle switch hole and space for 2 pots. My main questions are; What sort of pickups should I put in this, I'll be using it for Death metal mostly and keeping it in c#/drop B. I don't want to spend a crazy amount but I want it to sound decent. The second question is how to actually wire the thing, what sort of switch and pots should I get etc etc.

TL;DR Have broken ML, what pickups should I put in it, how do I do it?
Is the ML a set neck or bolt on model? Usually they have 3 controls and a toggle switch.

If it's like a regular ML a Gibson style 3-way switch and 500K pots will be fine, you'll need a tone capacitor as well. The specific value of it is up to you. Pickup recommendations... I'm not sure since I don't play those genres
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Thank you for that. It's a bolt on. Says ML X on the truss rod cover. What effect will different tone capacitor values have?