Hi all,

Long story short, I have a MIM Standard Jazz Bass that i got just before xmas. i previously had a Ibanez GSR200 and most recently the Ibanez SR500. The Jazz bass neck pickup just stopped working. Its either the pickup or pot. I realize this is an anomaly and Im not holding this against Fender... Either way its going back to Guitar Center as a return.

Regardless, as many of you can identify with, i have guitar ADD. In exchange for my bass, i am looking for any other suggestions right at that price point. $500-$700usd. I was looking at the Schecter Stiletto Elite-4 but no place around me has them in stock.

Im willing to hear some of your suggestions...worst case i just exchange for another J-Bass.

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from the couple i have played, the schecters are a good bet. if you liked the previous ibanez basses, why not look into another?
for a much lazier answer see 'try everything you can afford' you might find an absolute gem of a bass that feels perfect for less than you were expecting.