I just bought a Boss BF-3 off Ebay from a trustworthy seller. Plugged the guitar in and tried it out as is and it would not power on. Replaced the battery, but the 'Check' light still won't come on, nor does any sound come out of the amp.

Checked the cables...all of them work just fine when the guitar directly connects to the amp.

What could the problem be?
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unlucky then. contact them and ask for a refund.

No returns, the seller said on the listing. I may still fight it with Ebay Buyer Protection.

But that's a last resort. I want to see first if the pedal really is broken, or whether I'm doing something wrong. Haven't owned a guitar pedal before.
Update: After further testing of the pedal, it finally turned on, albeit randomly, as sll I did was switch out one fresh battery for another.

It now has the opposite problem, however: the pedal will not turn off when the switch is stepped upon.

Also, the signal will sometimes start cutting in and out, as evidenced by the volume swelling from normal to barely-heard through the amp. This happened when I would step on the pedal.

Now what?
There seems to be something wrong with the pedal itself and not the battery. The seller probably knew this prior to selling it hence the no returns.
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Assuming I am not able to return/get refunded for it, how should one go about repairing a) The broken footswitch, and b) The signal cutting out when I nudge the pedal?
Signal cutting out when you nudge the pedal?...bad solder connection. Most likely a wire.
Although I have seen Boss switches do that same thing when they go bad.

Broken foot switch.
Those switches do sometimes die.
The part itself is about $1.
Replacing it, well...
Unless you are handy with a soldering iron and are familiar with working on electronics, you would have to pay someone to replace the switch.
Its about a 5 minute job.
But labor charges for a tech to do that would be a waste of money IMO.
Unless you are in good with them and they do it for free. I would.