writing as i listen:
great acoustic guitar tone.
i like the progression a lot
the vocals are pretty pitchy at times. i like the tone of your voice but i'd work on hitting all the notes some more.
****ing awesome lead, but i feel like the style doesn't really fit with the music behind it. it gets a little hectic.
i'd have ended it after the solo, it starts to drag after that part, and makes the lead seem really random and out of place. you transition into it well with the building feedback, but then it just ends and you go back to just acoustic and vocals and it sounds odd to me

thanks for checking out my song.
American Circus
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very cool guitar stuff and I liked your voice. I liked the little fill ins you added to the chords. It gave it some extra flavor. the solo was cool but I honestly don't think it fit in. It seemed too harsh for the song. I think you should try to write a clean solo with no distortion. good job and keep up the good work.
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Solo is balls to the wall insane haha. Kinda doesn't mix in that well but it really makes the song tbh. The folk feel is really rad, feels really melancholy. Me gusta.
Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I know the vocals on this weren't my best, and that's mainly because I recorded this a while back on my Zoom Q3 at about 2 in the morning, which is why I wasn't projecting so well in some places. As far as the lead goes, I did intend for it to sound sort of like a Zakk Wylde-meets-Kenny Wayne Shepherd type of thing, but I can see where some might not think it fits the way I feel it does. I'm going to re-record this song entirely before it goes on my EP to get the levels right (I mixed the lead too high and it sounds a bit treble-ier than it should). Who knows, I might still add bass and some type of percussion to it.

And thanks for all of the complements on the progression and acoustic tone! God I love my Taylor <3
Im writing as Im listening

The acoustic guitars is really great, it all feels pretty Irish
As someone has mentioned, your singing tone is great, but you should work a little bit on your pitch The song melodys is great

I really like the acoustic playing and the electric guitarsolo gave a really epic touch to it all! (that lead solo was REALLY awesome btw, great playing and great tone!)
The dist fade in outro was a cool effect to the song too!

Good job dude! Great song