I saw this guitar, and because it's cheap (I think i could get it for much less than the $100) I was thinking about taking a stab at it, mostly because I think the body shape is pretty cool. Obviously it won't work that well and it would be mostly a parts based buy, and I know I have to evaluate it in person, but my question is can anyone tell what kind of guitar this is based on the limited pictures available?

the guitar (craigslist)

I will post more pictures if he emails me any.
Looks vintage but without closer picks of the headstock that is as far as I can comment on it.
I did a pretty deep search of Framus, Teisco, EKO, and some of the other obvious brands and nothing matched up. Regardless, it's a cool looking piece.
i bought a guitar similar to it for $30 from a pawn shop.

The body is extremely thin and wont really be a good platform for modding, parting out, ect ect....
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the hardware and body style scream early to mid 70's japan. They are fairly low quality but can be made to produce some nice surf style twang. Might have been stripped and clear coated at some point in its life, they are generally black with red. If the pickups are goldfoil it would be worth the $100 (talk em down to $70 cash in hand) but if they are the standard pickups that came after i would not bother with it. There are a ton of them in the market.
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try canora/harmony
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Here are 3 more pictures. All I am really concerned about is the quality of the wood. I quite like the shape and would be changing pretty much all electronics so if anyone could give some kind of estimation as to the quality of the body that would be appreciated.

The problem is the guy lives pretty far away so it'd be a pain to go and drive out there to find out that i don't like it.

Sorry for the huge pictures