Ok so my band has always lacked a bass player and its frustrating as hell trying to promote ourselves and having to be seen as "missing a member". We look like we're not serious enough to find someone even though we've tried out about 12 people but can't find anyone.

We had to do our business cards, website and have some professional pics of ourselves so we posted an ad for someone to stand in as the bass player. We found this girl who fits the part perfect but now we're thinking " what the hell were we thinking".

What do you think of this? Should we just remove her or just keep promoting ourselves like she's in the band?
Hey, if it helps people take you more seriously then go for it! Just come up with excuses for the inevitable questions that will ensue when you show up at venues and she's not with you.
Yea, we're saying "she had to move to LA and we paid a lot for the pics so we still use them while we search for a replacement". She really did move to LA.
I'd be expecting to see her there... you're effed man. But no, since you're not famous not a big deal if she's "not in the band anymore", shouldn't have to do much more explaining than that until you get another bass player and take new pics. But ya. I'd leave the pics they look good!
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When my band got rid of our bass player and we became a 3 piece, we just photoshopped him out of our official pictures. Might not be possible/practical for you, but it could be an option.