Weird thing just happened to me. I had my guitar on my lap as I was searching Jamplay for a song to practice. My line 6 spider III was still on. Suddenly, I hear people talking and it gets louder and louder until I realize it's coming out of my amp. I leaned my ear into the amp and figured it sounded like a fuzzy tv station or radio station (talk radio albeit).

Can anyone explain this? Obviously I'm joking when I say aliens are talking to me but I can't explain how my amp is picking up this signal. As far as I know there aren't any electronics in there that can pick up an FM/AM signal.

Can someone with a better knowledge of electronics explain this to me?

EDIT: It continues to fade in and out (the signal) so this isn't a one time occurance
my friend's crappy line 6 picks up mexican radio stations
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a cheap cable adds to the noise. acts like an antenna.

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Seems like we get this question once a week. Crappy cables and sometimes crappy single coils will pick up radio frequencies.
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Just not an ENGL like that poor bastard who dropped some $$$$ and had the same thing.
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Just not an ENGL like that poor bastard who dropped some $$$$ and had the same thing.
Right, but in the case of that guy, God was asking "how do you get those awesomely tight Djent tones?", with this guy he's saying "your Spider III is shit, you needeth a new amp."
My wah picks up the radio all the time. It got so bad that I had to just give up on using it for band stuff.

<sigh> I need a new wah...
As said above, shitty single coils. I have a hondo II strat that did the same thing with two amps. I just rolled the tone off which actually sounded totally kickass. well for me anyway.
There are plenty of things in an amp, especially a spider, that will act as a receiver. The most obvious thing is if it's AM radio. The voltage is modulated so when you pass it through a filter - ie an amp, the amplitude component in the signal will modulate the audio - bada bing bada boom - am radio receiver.
With a Spider I wouldn't even be surprised if you could pick up FM. Chorus, Flanging, phasing, are all phase shifting. Now in case you don't know, a phase modulator and a frequency modulator are exactly the same circuit. You can't have phase shift without changing the frequency to get it there.
Something is acting as an antenna. Most likely the cable but guitars can make pretty good antennas too.
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Hey that's far out so you heard it to?
Switch on the TV, we may pick it up on channel two.

But yeah, are you playing with distortion? That will often make things even noisier. I used to have a Devi Ever Torn's Peaker. That pedal is pretty much designed to be so noisy that it picks up radio signals regularly.