From the floor of a friend I watched my life begin again
I felt my fingers and my toes bleed into blankets and coats
We held on with a dying strength to all our inhibitions
Fighting with our inner visions
Am I ever enough, am I fine?
You're fine

Pitch black, you're back inside again
Wish that your eyes could find a friend
You held yourself together with the pieces you had found
Fumbling around on the ground

And I can hear my teeth, am I sane?
Do the thoughts we have all look the same?
Oh my god, I'm alarmed at everything
If I could just leave the messes behind
Falling back into the lines

I'm a mess, I'm a wreck, I'm a bastard
But I conceal that through smiles and laughter
So it goes, I've been told it goes faster
If love lets itself in your wings
Oh, well love is a beautiful thing