Hi noobish question.

im looking for a free program where i can get synth and or piano sounds and record into audacity. i already have a mixer and im not really trying to get any new hardware. just kinda want to do the whole mac garageband "musical typing" thing.
any ideas?

also im learning to use reaper a bit so any advice for reaper is fine to.
The most recent beta of Audacity has some VST support, but I'm not sure if it will actually open up a VSTi window so you can fiddle with it in real time, I think it just applies them as effects. The way I do it is I use PowerTab or TuxGuitar to write the synth parts, export it as a MIDI file, then load it into a program called LMMS (its free). it has VST support and all that jazz. Then I use Audacity to record directly from my soundcard.

Alternatively, you could go here and upload a MIDI file. This site will spit it back out as an MP3 that you can just load into your audio editor of choice.